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About us

Kademi. "What does it mean?", you ask.  It means walking home in the snow in the 7th grade, learning to drive a shift, first loves, singing in the car.  It's secrets and jellybeans, inside jokes and movie quotes, laughing and dancing and changing the subject.  It's babies to grandparents, teenagers to thirty-somethings, under and over the hill, it's all of us!  It's just us, Kim and Dawn Lea, best friends.

Kim and Dawn Lea - Owners of Kademi

We started Kademi in 1992 on a whim with one design and 24 t-shirts.  Our idea was to screen print the outline of the design and hand-paint all the color.  After selling those first shirts to anyone who showed any interest whatsoever, we began designing and selling more shirts, including our first Fair design.  Our look and technique proved to be in demand so in 1995 we opened Kademi on Beacon Street.  We gradually added more merchandise so that we became a full-fledged gift shop with jewelry and accessories, custom invitations, a bridal registry and more. 

10 years later, in 2005, we made the switch to full printed shirts to meet demand without driving ourselves crazy.  In 2007, we moved on up to the square to a bigger and better location.  Come see us!

Thanks for shopping with us,
Kim Kilpatrick & Dawn Lea Chalmers